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18 weeks ago

sbobet168 Director of the Cairo International Stadium Authority, AlyDarwish, revealedthat the maintenance works currently taking place at the stadium will be completed in early October. Darwish said in remarks to a radio program that the entire floor of the stadium is currently being changed, and the infrastructure of the drainage and water systems is being maintained.

“We have an agreement with an international company,which has already restored 400 stadiums around the world,to carry out the sbobet168 maintenance works. The ground floor of the Cairo Stadium will be like the ground floor of Kazan Arena in Russia, which hosted Brazil and Belgium game in the quarter-finals of the World Cup,” the director of the stadium added.

Major General sbobet168 Darwishmentioned that development plans of the stadium will also include the seats and the changing rooms of the stadium; Darwishstated that the stadium opens its doors to all the clubs,hoping that the stadium hosts the Arab Club Championship matches.

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