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23 weeks ago

sbobet222Slovakian Dalits coach Croatian national team. Telling that his team is ready to face England. Competitors World Cup Finals 2018 Games Round 8 Team Last Last Last Team "checkered" with the host Russia. In the 120th minute, they were beaten and beaten 4-3. The finalists went to the playoffs with England 2-0 through Sweden. But we have to watch Russia with a good fight, "Dalits told reporters behind the game. "This is not a beautiful game, but it is a fierce fight. Thank you to God. "I focused on the whole game. But after Rickitis scored a penalty. I drain it a lot. I feel free.
We make ourselves happy. Including the house in Croatia. I'm not crying often But now I have enough reason to cry myself. Croatian Vice-Admiral This is a great result. "Speaking of the next round, they had to face England through Sweden in 90 minutes, and Croatians had to wait two more days. "We have left England. We do not want to stop this. We will try to play the best. "We left the game to play two more shots, we have the impulse. We will be full. It will be hard again, but we believe in ourselves. " They are a better team. They are a young team and they are a team to play in. "But in the World Cup, it is not a team, it's all 50-50. You have to fight the whole world."
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