tom replied

18 weeks ago

Michelangelo's wing of the Paris superstar. Saint-Germain insisted may decide to leave the club this season.

Argentine national team move from Manchester United came to Paris in 2014, scoring 11 goals from 27 games in Ligue 1.

Although the importance of "ashes" but the 30-year-old midfielder did not deny the opportunity to move out of the club in any way.

"Football is a very strange industry."

"I'm happy with that. The club needs to sign a new contract and do it. Other players have been sold out. "

"It's not my decision. It is a decision of the club. For now I am still standing. "

"We have to work harder and harder. The club and the cheerleaders need patience. "

"The most important thing is to sign the players who want to win or win the championship and continue to experience. The rest will come to me. "sbo bz sbobet
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